hardware advice

Hi all,

I’ve not used ntrack for a good couple of years mainly due to selling my PC. I’m now back in the market for a laptop, although expenses are pretty tight.

I’m hoping you good people may able to tell me whether or not a 1.4GHz Fujitsu laptop with 533Mhz / 256Mb RAM (1MB Cache) will be an adequate spec. I’d be looking at recording one track at a time (5 or 6 tracks per song).

I’ll be using an external sound card (most likely the Soundblaster Audigy 2) and an external hard drive to take care of ‘old’ WAV files.



i used a machine with 256MB RAM in my studio for a while, and i seriously doubt you will have problems with less than 10 or maybe even 14 tracks. the 1.4GHz kinda turns me away, but honestly the only thing it will severely limit is your ability to run tons of effects plugins at once. you can get by by using the Freeze function whenever it starts to slow down.