taking over the world

been around some time now - but now revolution is taking over all forms of music mixing -

the BASICS ARE FREE, and easy to learn - the results are all over your RADIO, DJ sets and CDs -


Dr J

mixed in key! How did we all miss that? I’ve had drummers tune as close to key as possible - thought evryone played in key. But mixing in key? Hmmmm

Darn, I guess I’ve never learned to avoid sour mixes caused by clashing melodies… :laugh:

That’s hilarious, Dr!

By King Diogenes decree, ALL songs written henceforth shall be written in C#.

Now. Who needs “Harmonic Mixing”? Everything shall be in the same key. So there! UH!


PS Piano players are gonna LOVE me… :laugh:

DORK !!!

Quote: (DR Jackrabbit @ Jul. 08 2008, 6:36 AM)

DORK !!!!!!

LOL... :)


Well, I didn’t mean to insult anyone, DR., just in case I did. The idea makes sense for DJs who are mixing different songs together, but I was under the impression that people who were good at that knew basic music theory already?
Is this really new in the DJing/remix world?

BASIC music theory NO - new in the DJ world YES -

if you have V6 beta certain samples already have their KEY programmed in as a NOTE number - N converts the note number to tha actual note and provides a drop down box which allows you to up or down the note over a wide range - this feature allow a BEAT CREATOR to make sure that everything plays in key - using KEY detection software this can be expanded to whole tracks, for a CD to ROCK fron start to finish all tracks will be beat and key matched - this does not mean that each track is just a CLONE, not at all the MUSIC just keeps coming and the heads keep bangin -

Dr J

Ah. My apologies. :)