hat's the best noise reduction utility?


I’m thinking of buying a wave editor to use for reducing hiss from cassette tape recordings transferred to computer. I was thinking of getting Acoustica (by Acon), but does anyone else have any suggestions, free or otherwise?

Many thanks in advance.


there is a topic on this forum called “hiss removal” from a couple of days ago which talks about what you want to do. some people prefer cool edit, some prefer other programs. personally i use ‘goldwave’ just because it is the wave editor i have always used and i feel comfortable with. it is great at NR. again, read the topic i mentioned…

g8torcliff -

Doh! Just spotted it…

Some useful suggestions there, thanks


if you do a ‘search’ on this forum for just about anything you will find all sorts of info on how to do different things as well as links to some very useful sites. this is easily one of the best forums i have ever joined. it has helped me out a billion times…

I have Acoustica, but IIRC, it’s 16-bit only unless they’ve updated it (mine is pretty old).
There’s a free wave editor called Audacity that’s definitely worth a try.


Acustica is only 16 bit. I contactted the author and he told me that he wouldn’t be upgrading it.


I have tried CoolEdit96 and also the munoise plugin, and both have given great results. I was suprised by how much you could remove tape hiss and barely affect the original signal, if at all.