Having to reinstall ntrack4 repeatedly???

Hi all,
Most every day when I click on nTrack, I have to reinstall the software. It works fine throughout the day and next day it tries to reinstall the software when I click on the nTrack icon. This has been an ongoing problem since I installed version 4. I had hoped that future releases would fix the problem but …?
Anyone have a suggestion?

Hi Chris

I know this sounds obvious, but what exactly are the icon on your desktop linking to? Right-click on the icon, select Preferences, and examine what program it starts up. You may in fact be linking to the n-Track installation program by mistake.

regards, Nils

I had this problem. I first had to uninstall it. Then I noticed it was installing into a FASOFT folder and the stuff in the Ntrack folder from my older V3.3 was still there but they were clashing. So I deleleted the Ntrack folder, reinstalled v4 and then pointed the shortcut to the correct place. Seems to work well now.

I had so much trouble with this problem, I re-installed 3.3. I should try checking out your solutions…