Hear that?

Don’t y’all hear that?

:) That's SpreaderCraig over there Slid'n & Rock'n the house!
Oh wait, it's Valentines weekend = Honey Do Weekend.
Better pay attention to honey!

There's always somethin gettin in the way of music.
But I have to admitt that some things are definitely worth it.
Maybe he can steal away when the old lady gets tired of him.

Hey that's it Craig and some of you other honey'do'boys out there! Smother her with affection and attention (Dog her, stay on her heals! Tickel her and mess with her hair!) untill she gets tired of you and tells you to leave her alone.
Then she'll be happy your off play'n and nTrack'n! ;)
Just a thought,

…man you’re right!!!

In fact I’m paying attention to her right now…caressing her neck, stroking her body, fondling her…strings…wait that’s me new guitar :laugh:

Better go and see the missus :;):

Levi I like your style. Might just give that a go tomorrow… :agree:


You lov your new guitar, GREAT!

Hey here are instructions on how to build a kit in ndrummer curtisy of MagicR
as far as I can tell one can only have 10 drums in a kit.

most of this you may know -

open the LIBRARY folder in NTD insert a new folder called MY DRUM KITS -
and stuff your samples in it.

rightclick on drum pad - use realtime sample replacer to change sample - continue untill you have changed all the pads with your own samples - nDrummer doesn't remember the path so that a little tedious but you can have it done in 15 mins or so.

click on MENU-banks-save - navigate to MY DRUM KITS - give new kit a name - save -

to load in your drumkit - click on MENU/bank/load - navigate to MY DRUM KITS - open folder - select kit - open -

only the factory kits appear in the lower KIT box - user kits have to be accessed by MENU - no big deal this -
This starts blank steps, to strat writing parts and songs on.
It was a little confusing at first but soon started making the steps via "pages" play together.

SpreaderCraig will soon take it to a whole new levell!

Top man Levi.

I’ve been wondering how to do that for ages :agree:


Quote: (spreadercraig @ Feb. 14 2009, 4:19 PM)


It's going to very interesting to hear what you put together!