lots of problems with version 4.0

I have 2 main problems.
1: The first track records nicely. But, when I got to record track two, it adds track one. This isn’t bleeding from speakers. It’s basically transfereing track one to track two. It sounds exactly like the old reel to reel sound on sound. I am using the default settings.
2: I bought M-Audio’s OmniStudio USB and basically can’t get it to record on N-Track. This may or may not be N-tracks fault. It could be omnistudio, but with the problem I’m already having I can’t say for sure.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
BTW- using HP computer w/1.2G cpu % 256 ram

hi sue: I use the omnistudio and it works great! I use ntrak 4.0. I configure it to asio 2 in 4 out make sure your recording track is identified for each track you record to. also you should get more ram. If you want to converse about this I’ll play tag w/ you to help you get going…I really think it’s just a configuration situation. I’m In Idaho on PST where are you ?

is it combining track two and one together? or is it just copying track one onto track two?

either way, it sounds like sound card settings to me.

Most likely you have your card set to send its outputs to its inputs and are therefore re-recording your first track as well as the input of your second track.

What seting are in the preferences for Audio.
I have mine set as above.

Found in the N-Track File Menu

File->Settings->Preferences->Audio Devices

DON’T have multi channel recording set in the “Audio Recording Devices”