Help! Having Trouble Undoing a Setting

Need Help Undoing a Setting

I’m new to n-track and am still figuring out a lot of things. I accidently set it to record two lines in one track. One line records the the microphone and the other seems to be recording whatever is playing on my computer. (like if window media player is playing something, it records it) N-track has always recorded these two parts in two seperate tracks at the same time, but somehow I got it to do both in one track. So could someone please tell me how to change it back to way it was. Thanks!

Welcome… you will find a lot of peeps here willing to help you out.

In N track, click on view > soundcard’s mixer > recording controls

Be sure you have not selected the box under ‘stereo mix’ or ‘what you hear’ or something to that effect. What you want selected is “line in”.

Hope it helps


Thanks g8torcliff! I can’t wait to get home tonight to see if that will do the trick!

Are you trying to undo recording what your computer hears, or undo recording both to one track?

To change recording to one or two tracks, bring up the recording vu meter and (in ver 3.3) click on hammer at bottom and choose either one mono track, one stereo track, or two mono tracks. If you chose the last one, click on red dot and tell it what to do in each track.

As g8torcliff lays out, you can select to only record the line in, the mic in, or what you hear (sometimes called Wave out mix, depending on your soundcard).

If you want two separate mono tracks, click the little hammer in the recording VU meters, and select stereo->2 Mono Tracks. This will give you two individual tracks one for the left, one for the right.

You can also split the stereo tracks after recording.


I got it fixed! Thanks!! You guys were a lot of help! I’m going to have to come to this forum more often.

Like you guys mentioned,
I had to go to View -> Soundcard’s Settings -> Recording Format -> Mono