HELP!  New Tracks record out of sync

I’m using n-track version 3.2 Anyway, I record a track, everything is fine. When I record the second track through my mixing board then into the p.c., the 2nd track is out of sync with the 1st track. I asked fasoft about this and they recommended getting a new sound card. The sound card didn’t help. I still have the same problem. Anyone have any suggestions?

Under Preferences > Options … have you de-selected both options for “Use system timer for”?
You can also try de-selecting “keep audio devices open” under Preferences > Audio devices > Advanced.

I only get this problem when I get to about 13 tracks. The PC just can’t keep up and the recorded track starts to lag behind the played tracks.

I have also had this happen with a driver that was not quite right for the soundcard. It happened when I got a new computer with Windows XP and had a SoundBlaster Live 5.1 card with an old driver. Updating the driver fixed this.

You might also try shutting down security software like MacAfee that is running in the background.

How much computer memory do you have? Is your hard disk old or almost full? Have you defraged lately?


I had this problem for awhile and found that by closing the program and reopening it before starting a new track, that first track was always OK.

Kind of a hassle, but a fairly easy fix, only takes 10 seconds or so. Can’t recall how I got rid of the problem, may have tried the suggestions above, but I never changed soundcard, drivers, etc.

Let me guess that you use your PC for things other than recording. I’ve found that over time if you add/delete programs and generally keep doing stuff to Windows, it gets bloated and inefficient (#### registry?). For this reason I’m in the process of setting up an old PC (unfortunately with Windows 98) to use exclusively for recording, and leave my current PC for internet, work, entertainment, etc. I currently cannot use plugins that I used in the past, and I have not changed hardware, n-track version, or drivers. I have added and deleted programs over the months, and I know it did something to change how n-track and Nero works, which is not well.