Help...Computer Crash

Ok, I believe I was using Version 5?
Anyways, I had a computer crash quite some time ago, Finally got a new PC, and wanted to get N-Track back.
I paid for the one I was using, But, I don’t have the Version #, or the Registration codes. And can’t send in a support ticket, since I can’t fill out the Version/Build #.

I love the program, and will probably upgrade to the newest version, But I’d at least like to get back what I had paid for.

Any help would be appreciated.

send an email explaining this to Favio at

If you have the name you bought under and where you are he might be gracious enough to help you out.

I remember he did help me before after a previous PC crash. And I think that’s when I upgraded to version 5. But, If I would only keep backups of things like this, like I do all my recordings. lol

Print the email with the codes and file it away. I have hard copies of software reg codes as well as copies stored on several backup disks. You never know…

ONE backup is the same as NO backup.
TWO backups is a little better than one.
THREE backups with one stored elsewhere is almost enough… :laugh: