Help...My Acoustic amp is buzzing...bzzzzzzzzz

Hi all-
I have a fender Acoustisonic jr. Acoustic amp…sounds great until yesterday.

Turned it on and its making a horrible loud! buzz sound similar to the sound a 60 cycle hum with a strat makes…except 10 times louder.

I know this is vauge…but any chance this has happened to you?
i hate to spend more on repair than whah I paid for it!

i tried the typical swith power cords etc…no joy!

Any ideas welcomed!


Have you tried changing the power outlet you are plugging it into? And does it buzz when a guitar is plugged into it, or without? Is it by flourecant lights?

This is only for testing - do not run it this way, but have you tried lifting the ground from the plug that goes to it ?

If it stops you know there is an issue with that.

Does it still give you a guitar sound tho’ ? I mean do you only hear the buzz, or does it still give you guitar sound as well ?
If it doesn’t, I’ll guess that something is wrong in the pre-amp section. If it does then it might be anywhere in the chain.

How adventurous do you feel ?
Maybe open the thing up (even while its on). Wiggle a couple of things and see. i doubt if it would be that tho’. Loose joints have a habbit of at least giving a warning every now and then.

If this happened all of a sudden, i would suspect something blew…

Sorry 'bout the ramblings - just thinking out loud here.


Thanks guys-
Buzzes with any outlet
Buzzes with lights on and not
Buzzes with ground lifted
Buzzes with guitar in and not…although I still get the guitar sound coming out…

Frustration… :angry:

Could be a bad filter capacitor in the power supply. How old is the amp? Did the buzz come in all of a sudden or get gradually louder so that you finally noticed?


all of a sudden…
I used it sunday and then on tuesday…boom goes the dynamite!

Betcha it’s a bad capacitor in the power supply. You know a good electronics tech who won’t skin you alive?