help needed to buy interface


i decided to buy a m audio interface and went to a music equipment shop at my city (chennai , india)for enquiry two weeks before(i do not know about interface)

the guy suggested me m audio fast track

after 4 days he told me about m audio pod cast which comes with a mic and adviced me to buy

i was confused ! ! !

i asked about the podcast and fast track here and our revered guys advised me to buy m audio fast track , not the podcast.

then i contacted the shop owner and asked for the fast track
he told me that he was having fast track pro only and fast track had to be ordered.

he told me to wait and i am waiting (from last week)

now he told me that m audio has released a new version of fast track interface which comes with pro tools and phantom power which will reach him on the forth coming monday.

i agreed to wait till monday.

i searched the m audio site for the new version of fast track interface.
i could not able to find it. kindly inform me the link .

also tell me will it desirable to buy or shall i go for m audio fast track pro or some other else. (like personus, tascam)

awaiting for your word…de.html

Buy the fast track pro.


Well, the podcast is for podcasters…

I do like presonus stuff.

The Fast Track Pro is a high quality piece of equipment with which you will be able to record and create music for many years. No, I do not work for them, but! I have used their gear for more than ten years in both professional and amateur capacities, and have always been happy. I think you will be happy too. Their documentation is usually first-rate, and many folks here use that interface too, I think, so you should have a natural place to ask questions.

Good luck!
'til next time;
tony w