help with digi 001. please?

XP sees, and does not see…

Hi all; Well, I bought the digi001, got the standalone drivers from digidesign, and even finally upgraded from 98SE to XP in hopes of making things smoother. The install seemed to go well, XP sees the card, even sees which slot it is in, says the drivers are working properly, but in the sounds control panel there are no soundcards available - everything under the Audio tab is faded out, and allows no selecting. If I remove the drivers, but leave the card installed, I get a message that windows cannot start the hardware because the driver is missing or corrupted,; I install the drivers, get no error messages, but…

So I am looking for suggestions before I send a pleading e-mail to digidesign tech support. All ideas will be tried!

Thanks in advance!!! :)
Tony W

control panel/hardware manager/sound video and games controller - look for yellow question marks, if you have any run ADD REMOVE HARDWARE WIZARD -

Dr J

/ah, /Dr. J, if only there were any yellow question marks! Window thinks everything is perfect… :(

But I have considered trying a different PCI slot. Think that might help?


That stand alone Digi driver is ASIO correct? If so, Windows will not detect it as a usable system device. Your host (n-Track or whatever…) should see the Digi ASIO driver as usable though.


Dio, I just now spoke with a tech guy at the local Pro-Tools store, and he let me know that I was using the 7.0 drivers, meant for the digi002, and I needed the 6.1 drivers for the older hardware - with any luck, this download will be the last!!! :p

Wish me luck, eh? (Who says us Americans are mono-lingual?!!)
'til later;

Hey cool… I was just about to post that you have to have the older driver for the 001. I found this page… ASIO page that has links to download the 6.11 driver.

Good luck!



The following programs have been tested with the Digidesign ASIO Driver 6.1.1:

Ableton LIVE Digidesign Edition
Applied Acoustics Systems Lounge Lizard v1.0 and v2.0
Applied Acoustics Systems Tassman v3.02
Arturia Moog Modular V v1.1
Emagic Logic Audio 5.01
Image Line Fruity Loops 3
Native Instruments Absynth v2.01*
Native Instruments B4 v1.1.1*
Native Instruments Battery v1.1*
Native Instruments FM7 v1.1*
Native Instruments Kontakt v1.2.1
Native Instruments Pro-52 v2.5*
Native Instruments Pro-53 v1.0*
Native Instruments Reaktor v3.0
Propellerhead Reason 2.0
Propellerhead Reason Adapted
Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 4.0
Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0
Steinberg Cubase SX 1.06
Steinberg Nuendo 1.5.2 and 2.01
Steinberg Wavelab 4.0

Should work with n-Track just fine…

The guy at the Pro Tools store gave me the same link earlier, but I wrote them to a defective disc! I am just now about to run home and try them out (from a righteous disc!). Does this sound right? - uninstall the newer drivers, install the older drivers, reboot? Well, if that doesn’t work I’ll just uninstall everything and start clean; hmm, that might be safer, anyhow, 'ya think? ???

Tell you later!

Cool… I looked at a Digi 001 many moons ago. If I remember correctly, the thing has semi-decent mic preamps and pretty good converters. There is also an ADAT connection I think. You can add 8 more pre’s on the cheap by picking up a Behringer ADA8000. I use an ADA8000 with my EMU. While not stellar sounding, it ain’t nothing to sneeze at for 2 C-notes…


The lord giveth, and the lord taketh away…

The new (old) drivers appear to be working; I have ntrack playing back previously recorded files, and recording new ones from all 8 inputs. I can open a virtual instrument, and play back soundfonts, no problem. BUT! The only sound I am getting from the monitor outs (or the main outs, or the headphone out) is what is already recorded, and the virtual instrument on a synth track. nTrack hears the live sounds coming in, and records them right well, but I have not figured out how to monitor the live inputs. I think I was really spoiled by the M-Audio Delta panel on my 44; the patch bay made things nice and easy, but I don’t seem to have (or have not found) anything similar in what came with the Digi driver package; I hope I won’t have to get pro-tools to make full use of this gizmo! :angry:

Any digi users with an idea? All help is appreciated!

'til later;
Tony W

BTW D, two c-notes is what I paid for the digi - it still seems like a good investment if I can get it doing right, or find workarounds…

'til next time;