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Need advice re file management

I have been using n-track since 2000 and have always experienced difficulty managing my files. I want to create one file folder for each recording which includes all files (sng, wav., etc.).
Should I create folder prior to recording? How are other users managing their files ? I am currently using the most current version of n-track 4. Thanks

imo…as soon as you open ntrack, with no tracks or anything, click file, save as…, at this point you can create a folder with any name you want and everything you save (.sng, wav, etc)will go into that folder. if you do that for every song you will have a separate folder with all the relevent files for each song.

im still in 2.xx so your version could be different but most windows programs react the same way.

yeah, i know, version 2.xx?? :p well it works for me (except for MIDI which is a whole other thing). :D

c ya

Yup, that’s what I do, using version 3. I use the full song title as the folder name, and then an abbreviation or nickname for the song file name (so that wave file names don’t get so long).

Also, I find it handy to open a song file by running n-Track and opening the song using the “Open an existing song file” toolbar button (yellow folder without green wave). I don’t quite remember why this works better than double-clicking on a song file or drag-n-drop, but it does. (Probably because it leaves the file browser pointing to the song folder.)

I keep the song folders organized in folders, for example, for a given CD project, or by the name of the internet collaborator who’s producing the song (when I’m recording tracks for other people).

Finally, you CAN get from where you are to where you want to be. For a song you want to organize (one that’s messed up with other songs in the same folder). Open the song and use “File -> Move/Rename Song”. Move it to a new folder, and it will move all the related wave files as well. If you don’t use the “copy” option, it will also delete those wave files from the original directory.

There’s the thing of doubling clicking on a .sng file in explorer wiping out the most recently used documents in the start menu… would that be why you use the open doc button? I use file->open, which is exacty the same, but means I keep my recent docs (like using the button)



No, I think it’s just because double-clicking doesn’t leave the file browser in the right folder, and I like that. Pretty small potatoes.