Help With Getting Sound Out Of N-Track Drums


Hey, I’m New Too N-Track…Right Now Im Messing Around With N-Track Drums But I Cant Get Any Sound To Playback After I’ve Completed A Beat…How Can I Go About Changing The Output Settings So I Am Able To Hear Whats Going On? BTW I Am Using Windows 7 W/ 64 Bit Version Of N-Track 6 If That Helps…Thanks

Hi efcgrinder. Once you’ve created or chosen a pattern go to the ‘steps’ page of n-T drums GUI. In the upper right corner is a tuning fork - left click and drag this into a new midi track. Set this track to channel 10.

PS. I’ve put together a ‘quick start guide’ of screen-shots and brief instructions for n-T Drums. Just waiting for Phoo or anyone else to help get them uploaded to here.
Hang in there.

Thanks Tony! Got That To Work! The Only Question I Have Now Is How Do I Insert My Sequenced Product Into The Song???

“sequenced product”? Would this be a MIDI or WAVE file?

Moved to tips and tricks as requested.


Hello TonyR I gotta say many thanks for this very informative tutorial on n-Track Drums but I have seen a video which I believe was narrated by HotDogWater that says it should be channel 16 that is assigned (you have said it should be channel 10). Am I misunderstanding what HotDogWater meant? Here is the video in question --> n-Track Drums Tutorial by HotDogWater[/URL]

Same question as Akua, channel 10 vs. channel 16?
That video; n-track drums part one by HotDog Water got me started but he apperently has never followed up with part two.
I had success creating a drum track, and using it in a song. But I’m stuck in that I have not yet learned how to go back and edit the drum track.