Help with midi track

Have problem with midi project.
I think that maybe i forgot to disarm midi track a, after opening and arming additional track b. My first midi track “a” contains important information. It seems to me that new information was recorded on track a because it was not unarmed during recording on track b. How can i roll back to hear only what was recorded on track a during my first session? Thanks!!!
Ps i understand now that my first take was overdubbed. So how can i return to my first one?

not certain of my answer. However, if you are working in non-destructive mode when you are making changes or adding tracks etc., you can step back on any changes you make -use View > Edit History to see a list of what things’ you have done. However, once the file is saved, I don’t believe there is anyway to restore to an earlier time. If you saved the changed file under a unique name before the changes you can open that and the Secord track would not be there. If you saved the file to the previous name, (all of the work you have done is sieved under one name) and then saved after adding the second track I think the situation is whatever is actually showing when you open the file.