Help with Video

I need help with video

Can anyone tell me how to have the video play on a different screen or another way to have the video “show” play on a TV screen at the same time as the music I am playing?
I use MIDI files to animate audio-animatronic robots. We think it would be great to have a video playing at the same time the robots are putting on a show.
The MIDI notes “play” relays that work the robots (al-la Chuckie Cheese)
I can get the video to work - but it looks unprofessional with the “full screen” buttons on the bottom. Plus, the people viewing the screen can see you loading the program and hitting play, which in my opinion ruins the effect.
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One way:

You need to get a monitor card that supports 2 displays. Some will provide a composite video output so you can use a regular TV as the second display (if it has video input). I know MATROX make good 2-monitor cards, but I’m sure there’s others. Check with your friendly neighbourhood computer store.

You have nTrack visible on one monitor (hidden from the crowd) and you make the video fullscreen on the second monitor.

Tritton Technologies also offers a USB-to-DSub hardware option for adding a second display. See Tritton USB-to-Dsub adapter
Haven’t used it yet but looks interesting!

Thanks guys! You are the best! My husband and I will be sure to mention you on our web page when we get this thing working…
So - when I put in this video card, it will give me a choice of what goes where? I will re-post shoud I be too dumb to figure it out.
Thanks again!

Hi Beth,

yes two monitor cards à la Radeon and the like is your ticket. Their trick is simple. They simply expand the viewable area to the left and split in for two screens. You simply put the video window to the very left and resize it until it fits the whole 2nd screen. Than you have one screen n-track and one screen video.