Hendrix / Woodstock

OK, the past year has been a blur in my household. Am totally behind in about everything. While cruising thru Sam’s Club last evening ran across the complete Jimi Hendrix Woodstock performance on DVD. Remastered by Eddie Kramer (Jimi’s original engineer)for 5.1 Dolby and also in DTS (YES!). Haven’t seen it yet, got a few husbandly chores to do this am, then it’s concert time! 2 disc set for $9.99, not bad price. Anyone seen this yet? Think it came out last year.

Gonna feel young again anyways!

Only what was in the Woodstock 1 & 2 movies and various stills I’ve seen.

OK, watched it, can only say, Holy Moly. :D

jimi picks his ass off in this concert,i think he was tryin to make up for the bands raw and unpolished set,you can see the grimicing looks that are givin in the direction of billy cox an larry lee when certain songs maybe didnt go off as intended,i dont think he ever found what he figured mite lay underneath that band,and not long after the extra guitarist an the conga players were gone,to see them 2 conga players tryin to beat the way over marshall stacks is humourous to say the least,but all in all,it shows just what kinda spirit our man jimi had,and why his is ireplaceable.:blues:

I think the gig was kinda rushed as far as the band was concerned, but Jimi plays some great chops and the 2nd disc has footage shot from side stage (b/w) and is totally cool. Jimi was an amazing guitarist to say the least!

The percussionists and other guitar player were guys that Hendrix was jamming with the night before, if I got my info right. He let them play the next day simply because he wanted them there as new friends. That’s also the reason one of the songs was called “Jam Back At The House.” It was literally a song they jammed on the night before.

the conga dudes were a part of the jammin scene that used to take place at the Tinker Cinema,a local theatre there in walkill,the other guitarist is Larry Lee,who like the bassist Billy Cox was a army freind and bandmate of Jimi’s,Jimi was in the 101 Airborne…when Jimi left nashville in the winter of 65 it was Larry Lee that gave him a coat to wear,as Jimi had none,

what blows my mind is Jimis rythm playing when Lee takes a solo

Jimi’s rhythm playing is awsum! He couldn’t just play a few chords, no way!

I think Larry was in southeast Asia and Jimi and Billy Cox called him home to play. Interviews with Larry and Billy on the DVD, but haven’t watched all of it.