N-Track misloads Olympus wav

I have an Olympus DS-330 voice recorder that produces .dss files. Software that came with the recorder downloads these from the device and can resave them as .wav files. Variou medio players can play these just fine, but when I import such a .wav into N-track, something is amiss and the playback is very, very fast. For instance, a recording that takes 1 hour, 37:32 minutes to play in Windows Media player loads as a wav that takes only 22:24 minutes to play in N-Track. I have created a little .wav file that illustrates this problem, but cannot see how to attach it to this post.
How can I resolve this problem?

You probably need to change the sample rate. Examine the properties of the .wav file and see if Windows will show the information i.e. number of channels, bit depth, sample rate etc…

For example, if the converted file is 22.05khz and n is set to 44.1khz the file will play back at double speed or there abouts.


Ahh, the scales have fallen from my eyes. All I needed to do was set N-Tracks sampling rate at File/ Preferences to match that of the .wav and all was well.
Thank you for the hint.

n-Tracks should pop up a warning that the sample rate of the wave doesn’t match the sample rate of the song. It may also give the option to convert the wave (use a copy of course since this could be a distructive conversion – I don’t remember). If it’s not doing either when importing the wave then maybe the warning has been turned off, or the wave may not have a fully formed header so n-Tracks assumes the sample rate to be whatever the song is.

It does indeed give the warning and offer to do the conversion, however on my very large files it takes a very long time, and for some reason, when the conversion is complete the file still plays way to fast.

Switch to the speed in N-track is much better. My burner software then does the final conversion, seemingly effortlessly.