Hey Guys

Can you check out some of my N tunes?

Hi. I guess i’m sort of a newbie to these forums. I have been coming for a while though - just to download songs and browse. I just wanted to share some of my songs that I made with N-Track. I’d love advice or suggestions about the production and things of that nature. Thanks

My downloads

Welcome aboard! Your playing sounds really good. It sounds like you have put in lots of hours wood shedding :) If I only had chops like that when I was in high school :D The only thing that really stuck out was I heard some distortion that I don’t think was on purpose, it sounded more like digital clipping or maybe it was caused by rar compression on the mp3’s. Everything sounded pretty balanced. I liked your use of the panning on manhatten. For me it helped the different guitar tones stand out and created a really spacious mix.
Good job and keep up the great work :)

Thanks jeromee for commenting and listenin’.

I really appreciate it. :)

Man, I gotta go practice now. After listening to you, I feel like a beginner again. Anyway, really nice playing. I like it a lot. I really like the Norah Jones cover. I don’t really care for that song when she sings it, but i loved your arrangement. Just one thing to note, on your website, when you click on Manhatten, it plays the Norah jones, and when you click on the norah jones song, Manhatten plays. no biggie.