Hey Levi

I know how to pronounce it now

Got My John L (ee Hooker) On:



:cool: lets have a moment of silence pls.

F o r
h e
s i n g s
t h e
t o s t e r
e l e t r i c

Heh - not a bad guitar sound, eh? I tuned the guitar about a 1/4 step flat.

Not bad, not bad at’ll!
I tried that pencil trick about a month ago that someone was talking about on the “tips and tricks” section. The one where you slip a pencil down to one of the first frets and play slide on a regular electric guitar. You do have to detune but it does work- at least in theory anyhow!

I don’t believe in theory, theoretically…

Yeah loved the loop!
John Lee loved loopin too!
I always admired him for his stance.
One cord per song sometimes, pretty cool.
I’ve been wondering when you where going to do some down and dirty badboy blues. Cool! I liked it and the reference to pop. But I couldn’t pick out all the words.
Here’s some tone for ya
MaMama M E R C Y!

I don’t do software amplifiers!

All tubes for me!


Must be nice to be able to get away with that. I like DIs for 24/7

My amp has a built in power soak. I can blast and not wake the kids. :agree: