A bit of music from my brother-in-law - sounds a bit like David Clayton Thomas, to me…


Give him props if you feel so moved!

Yep that he do.
Is that you on back up vocals?
Sounds like spreader fans.

good bass!

Interesting stuff. I love the Hollow album material. :agree: Have to download it when I get a chance.

I only checked out the first tune, Can We, yeah great bass, interesting fx in the breaks, good recording, Love the solo jam in the middle, pretty cool tune!

I, sadly, had nothing to do with the recording.


Thanks for blowing my cover TomS :whistle:

Nixon1972 - RE: “Can We, … interesting fx in the breaks, …” a bit of explanation about that. the effect is crowd noise, specifically from the 2008 democratic convention in denver, “yes we can.” it’s a bit difficult to recognize clearly on the bandmix web-page because i crunched it down to an mp3 to post it there. 'nuff said… in the original glorious wav, it’s much more obvious, and the liner notes help too :)

thanks much for the positive feedback.

:peace: :peace: :peace:

Listened to 5 of the tracks while getting ready to go to work this morning. Guy is a great instrumentalist, some of the bass lines are great and the music in general is not the usual run of the mill stuff. Nice blend of rock and jazz influences. Will listen more tonite…Good stuff! :agree:

Excellent playing! :agree:


Thanks for blowing my cover TomS

Uh...yeah....well...sorry about that...

Not really!