Hi. I'm new to n-T. I'm eager. I'm old.

I’m not good with manuals,

Hi, n-T people. May I come in? I’ve been outside for six months, it’s raining, I’m soaked and cold but I’m looking forward to chatting to like minded folk.
About six months ago and probably because my house is full of music gear and instruments and the facts that I’m a music bore and a life-long ‘player’ of - a friend asked if I would engineer a cd of his band.
Ok! I’ve got my Atari and rack but that won’t do - I worked in a commercial studio for three weeks 20 years ago! so! not much of a pedigree;-)
Anyway. I borrowed a Tascam and pulled it in on that, live.
Cool! they’re a ‘live’ band so I convinced them to do it live.
30 tracks in five hours - plucked out the top six.
I went crazy within a couple of days! I just couldn’t get into it on that poxy display!?
A friend said, “get n-Track”
Wow! Hooked-up the midi, synced, drifted the tracks over, got my head round the n-T Comp’, and three weeks later, imerged with something worth listening to. Cool.
So? Now I wanna use n-T for my own tunes and throw all my old stuff in the loft.
“oh oh”!!! Then I realised that everything I know about midi, I learned twenty years ago and I’m realy struggling with the basics in the midi/vst and sequencing area. I found a few vid’ tutorials, the n-T drums one was very usefull. I progress quicker when instructed than I do with manuals - is it just me?
Anyway. Hi and I hope you guys can be patient with and old fart? :slight_smile:

Sorry Tony, but NO - There’s a glut on old farts here already.

Oh geeze - OK if your gonna look at me that way! Come on in!

Got a towell?

I think we may have to set a min age requirement - how young should we allow? :laugh:

I don’t want to go to prison.

Quote: (phoo @ Jan. 26 2009, 5:07 PM)

I don't want to go to prison.

I dunno phoo... a roof over your head, three meals a day... That may look pretty sweet in a few months if the economy doesn't get to percolatin'...

Age limit? Make it 50. Then you won't have "young" whipper-snappers like me, popping in and stirring things up.


PS In prison though you gotta keep a wary eye out for Mr. Dover... first name Ben...

“Oh Funk”. Maybe I’ve come to the wrong place?:wink:
Is this an age limit on music?

Hi, people. You all got your gear fired-up and doing tunes?

Quote: (TonyR @ Jan. 26 2009, 5:17 PM)

"Oh Funk". Maybe I've come to the wrong place?;-)
Is this an age limit on music?

Nah... welcome Tony. Music is ageless. Specially GOOD music... :agree:


Hi, Dub’. Nice to meet you.

Welcome to the zoo TonyR.

Hi, Poppa. It aint safe for wildlife ‘outside’ anymore:-)
Nice to meet you.

You too - let us know what kind of set-up you have and any specific questions. :agree:

Yaa meen yaa cant read the Manual :laugh:
we all love manuals

I prefer automatics over manuals myself.

What Poppa misses…I will fill you In on the fine print :)

How come it’s semi-automatic instead of semi-manual? :)

Manual sells taco’s at the corner of Broad and Main…