High CPU usage suddenly

This has probably been discussed Before, and I looked through the forum before I starded this thread. However I couldn’t find this:

All of a sudden I get very high CPU usage with relatively few tracks. It’s sometimes between 20-30% at just 4 tracks even if i dont use any VST-plug ins or n-track effects. It wasn’t always like this, it is gradually getting worse the more songs I record. I could use effects and midi tracks and all sorts of plug-ins for at least 7-8 tracks before it started jamming (no pun intended)

I have tried the following with very little difference in CPU usage:

1: Partial mixdowns (thus decreasing the number of tracks PLUS decreasing number of VST or n-track effects to basically zero)

2: adjusting buffering size

3. Freezing tracks

What usually happens after a partial mixdown is the song starts out fine at 4-6% and then suddenly jumps up to 20-30% for no apparent reason (no effects or new tracks that start at this particular time)

Sometimes I get the feeling that recording several small parts after each other on one track makes it worse, but I am not really sure.

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance!

/ Martin

Hi Martin,
could you please send me a .sng file that manifest the problem and some info about the n-Track version you’re using? (32 or 64 bit, Windows or Mac, build number that you can find going to Help->About)

This is my e-mail address: andrea@ntrack.com


You need to change a new one. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: