High Quality Plug in Compressor

can you recommend one ?

Hi EVeryone :D

I am looking for a good compressor for lead vocals. I would like to retain some dynamics so the vocals dont sound squashed, but still get a bit of a volume boost. In other words I would like for it to sound natural.
I won’t be using it for mastering it will be a plug in on the vocal track only. What do you guys like ?



I like the one tht comes free with n-Track…

Seriously, has anyone found a big difference between the Fasoft comp and others that cost $$$??


Hi John,

Actually I like the Fasoft compressor just great but the problem is mine has gotten corrupted and mutes the tracks i use it on every 12 secs ( strange i know ).
Thats why I am in the market for a different one.

Thanks for your feedback,


Oh Wow,

I just took another look at the plug in and it is the demo version, somehow it lost track of the fact that i have paid for and registered the full version. I bet this happened when I upgraded to the new version of N-track. I went from 4.0 to 4.0.4

I will have to work on that and see if i can fix it.

That’s funny Ted 'cause I just read your last to post and was going to suggest you check that!
I’d say re-register that plug and your problems will be over, glad I thought of it, LOL :laugh:


Ok its fixed ! So disregard this post unless you would just like to chat about compressors :)

Thanks Jeremy :laugh:

I used to use Flavio’s compressor a lot but I found the graph/controls somewhat confusing.

At the moment I’m using Classic Compressor.


Actually if you A/B a lot of software compressors you’ll find that they have very different sounds. Don’t ask me why, I don’t understand the math. But none ever seem to me to be as good as a good hardware compressor. that said, most of us don’t have good hardware comps, so I suppose that doesn’t matter…

Anyway, try this: compare Blockfish (free) with Kjaerhaus (also free) with PSP vintage warmer (or even mixpressor, although I think the VW much better) and the various Waves comps, and all of those with FASoft’s…I think these are all great, but they are all quite different sounding. Then again, I didn’t really like the sound of Peak Compressor very much, and I know some of you like that one a lot.


Anyway, “good for vocals” is too broad, if these differences exist - “is it good for the vocals in this particular case?” is pretty much the issue…

Chunkware Vanilla Compressor beta. No GUI in beta but a very nice sounding comp on vocals.

Check out Blockfish from Digital Fish Phones. It has a great opto simulator which is swell on vocals.

Thanks everyone for your responses I will do some experimenting.


Thanks everyone for your responses I will do some experimenting.

Hi Ted

It would be great if you could share your findings or comments if you do do a head-to-head with some of the plugins mentioned above.