Highlighter not working

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Wrong sub-forum... :laugh:

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Why Jeremy... after all I've done for you? You wound me deeply. I think I'll go home and cry in my party likker...


Now that I think about it tho,

I apoljize fer dat dat der.

You did help me by posting that picture, and thus began the search for the lost arrow icon,
which means beyond that crass exterior (speaking in the Archaic) lies a gentlemen and a scholar, and for that I say to thee,

Good day sir.



PS Hey... that smiler thang on the left ^^ kinda favors yours truly don't it? :laugh:

PPS On second glance... nope. Nevermind!
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Flav informs me it was the SCROLL lock button on my keyboard.

Maybe the batteries are going dead on it...'cause I don't member pressin it.

Still have a request for my cursor Icon to return.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:


version 5.x didn't have the cursor and cross-hair toolbar buttons, sorry... I removed them in version 5.0 because of the new cross-hair button added on top of every waveform, which made the cursor and cross-hair toolbar modes technically redundant, but I added the toolbar buttons again in v6.0.6 as quite a few people complained that the old system of dragging parts clicking anywhere on them (as opposed to clicking on the part lower left corner) was much more practical (search for 'crosshair' in the changelog).


Thanx Flav,

That makes sense, at least I know it was nothing I did :) and I’m not losing my mind as rapidly as I thought I was.

All is well.

keep shinin

jerm :cool: