Honey Come On Home To Carolina

Carolina tune…

If’n ya like old school country… did this one today out of the blue.

My knolwedge of country doesnt go any further than neil young & ryan adams & unknown hinson but i thouht that was a real good tune
again i like the sound you get on your voice its well recorded
if i had a criticism to say it would be what the fiddles & pedal steel were playing was too generic? too musaky to make your song stand out?
dont mean to be rude


Proper good, Tommy. I’m warming to country as I age:-) Some good, dedicated radio shows that I’ve plugged into recently. Most recently focused on the history of the terminology, ie, 'and Western. Sommat to do with convergence of genres inc Honky Tonk and Boogy.

Needs more jerky…

Preferably mailed to:

Unblown Jonson
666 Hayulls Pit Rd.
Pergatory, KS 69666


Yep - the steel and fiddle will pale when I get my Strat on 'er. I did this as a quickie in RealBand.
Thanks for the listens.

I’ll get yer jerky rat out to ya Johenson.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Nov. 10 2010, 6:52 PM)

I'll get yer jerky rat out to ya Johenson.

You are a prince among men Sir Poppa.

Err... not... uh... aw hayull... you know whattamean!! :p


PS The tune is way cool. Takes TALENT to play Country and Western... any PUNK can play that rawk mess...

PPS Don' send it UPS... I boinked the UPS guys old lady... he pissed at ol' Unblown for some reason? Cain't figger it out?? Love one, love ALL (womerns) baybayy... that's ol' Unblown's motto. yeah, yeah... :laugh:

Wull…I like the pedal steel… and my daughter Kate really likes it. Why wouldn’t someone belong in Tennessee? Kate says a song doesn’t have to make sense, and is telling me to stop being silly.

I do like your banner on the bandcamp page, too.

Same reason someone don’t belong in Arkansas … der… :p

Kate you are so way cool.

Southern Tear Jerker…
That’s what that is…

It hits home to anyone settin up shop in Nashville-and-Area and then find that they gotta leave for any reason, and end up starting a new life, back home or wherever…

For anyone else…
It’s still a Tear Jerker…

I’m unable to measure the BPM, in my head…
I’m sort of thinking It can come down by 1-or-2…
Or is it just me ????


Everybody’s somebody, down in Arkansas.

Hey, maybe unblown knows who did that song.

there ya haves it. Unblown dunno diddly or squat. That just my opine though. He sure doan know wermunz.

Sheesh I gots to hear dat oldy now…

Ain’t nuttin’ good ever been in nor come out of Arkansas I rekkin…


Keerful, y’all are bustin on my rugrat’s placo barth.

Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 11 2010, 3:27 PM)

Keerful, y'all are bustin on my rugrat's placo barth.

Not the kids fault. :D

I blame YOU and your MISSUS! :p


It all started in Gary, Indiana…and everything was fine until her jaw fell off.

Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 11 2010, 8:40 PM)

It all started in Gary, Indiana...and everything was fine until her jaw fell off.


D@#n Radium Water!!


PS On a side note: Talkin' bout Radium water and such got me to thinkin... (yeah... be afraid...) anywho, Jeremy is from PA right? He's always "Gleaming" or "shinin'" or some crap like that... I figgered it out! I got three werds fer ye';


Look it up... yeah, yeah... that boy livin' on radium water... poor kid. No wonder... :p

ever been in gary? not sure it was radium water…

In Gary? Nope. Rumor has it I was in Bob once… but I’ll deny it to my dying breath. :laugh:


Methinks you people need to see a doctor, lol!