Hope for the death of the mp3

It’s a bit ‘eggheady’ at times but a great article!

Introduction To Audio Encoding

Well they said the ‘encoding process’ for DSD (Direct Stream Digital) takes longer. The article didn’t say how much longer. But wouldn’t that translate to higher latency during record? So not really a viable replacement on the record side - but just a better conversion scheme than mp3.

Unfortunately I don’t see the mp3 dying just yet. I hate mp3s but if you want to put your music out there, there’s no viable option. He seems to be predicting the impending doom of the cd also. What am I gonna do with my 2500 cds and couple of hundred back up discs that contain the digital content of my life???? :laugh:

BetaMax anyone?


Yep Sony doesn’t always get their way.

One bit encoding has been around a long time. It was the method for early digital multitracks (Sony of course). There’s a lot good about it, but there’s reasons it didn’t catch on for consumer machines (really high samplerates being one – 64 * 44.1k for example). (The oversampling stuff is also how the Hubble does what it does. It takes gobs of samples – millions of pictures of the same spot in space – and gets rid of any pure randomness that would be noise. What’s left is what’s really there. Works for audio, too.) The next bit is either up or down relative to the previous bit. It’s as simple as that. Ironically, old reel-to-reel tapes recorded this way can be physically spliced the same way analog tapes can be, if they used true 1-bit encoding (they don’t use packets as PCM does).


let’s go laser discs! they multitask as frisbees and will work as a spare guillotine replacement blade in a pinch.

I’ve always liked mp3s :laugh:


Yes, well that article was specifically aimed at Audiophiles, you know, if you can’t understand it and it’s extremely expensive, then it must be good!
Audiophiles operate on that principle.
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King.
Don’t get me wrong, if your hobby is paying the earth for something you would never be able to identify in a blind trial, then go ahead, it’s your cash.

MP3 technology is safe for the foreseeable future, one bit sigma delta modulation is very useful, but not superior for home recording purposes.


i just love it when you talk techie to us! :heart-break:

Can we go back to CED disks yet?

CED Technology!

Quote: (Yaz @ May 28 2009, 9:01 AM)

Can we go back to CED disks yet?

CED Technology!

Holy crap! I forgot all about "SelectaVision"... wow... I just a little bitty feller back then but I remember pop talking about it. I also remember a BetaMax machine he had. That sucker was HUGE!

1-bit will not supersede mp3. The storage requirements are too large. The kiddies like mp3 because they can shove a quad-zillion songs in their pants pocket to listen to while biking, skateboarding, ransacking cars, stealing beer from the liquor store etc... They don't care it SOUNDS like poo...

Now when they come out with an iPod or similar device with a terabyte storage capacity...


Format wars, really bug me with technology, who’s gonna win, who’s gonna lose, the consumer is always the big loser. (I actually bought one of the CED players for movies, had it right beside the Beta tape machine, but they got skips and whatnot just like a music Lp, E.T. , Phone Ho, Phone Ho, Phone Ho . . . )

Sony lost to VHS during the video format war, so I suppose it’s fitting for them to win with the Blue Ray / HD DVD war.
As far as music formats, we peaked with 8 track tape. The sound has regressed since.


Sony lost to VHS during the video format war

I saw a documentary on TV about the porn industry. Among the many 'interesting things', was a bit on how VHS was used exclusively by the porn industry because of some SONY licensing thing. And that was the driving force for VHS winning out over BETA - because these pornsters had warehouses full of purchased VHS machines to do dubs.