Horn 2 B Wild

Anyone out there like using a particular VST or synth to make horn or brass in their music? I’d really like to have one with a midi differentiation for ‘blow-hard’/‘blow-soft’ attached to the velocity/intensity of key-strike as well, as opposed to only a louder-quiter differentiation…

(I didn’t know how to make that not sound X-rated…):smiley:


Nice topic title.

Can’t help you though except to bump your post up the forum a bit.

Bubba - Garritan Vsti?


Hi Bunker:
I have a friend here in these parts that is tracking ang useing something like you’re describing… However, he is in the the Sonar Camp… not around n-Track… as far as I know… He is a keyboard player and he’s useing his keyboard as a controller to create "Horns and Sax and other brass… and all…

Not everyone loves sax but those who know me (musically) know that I LOVE SAX !
. . . and saxophone is, in my opinion the hardest if not most impossible sound to reproduce using MIDI gear.
I have always wanted a sax player in my back pocket. Now I can finish all my unfinished projects because I have a new toy . . .
Liquid Instruments Saxophone is a plug in which allows me to select from many presets and have this sax play along in whatever tempo and key I choose.
I’m loving it - don’t be too critical, its only my second day with it :)) Dwight

Only thing is, he posted me a creation that he was working on… as an attachement… If I knew how to link to his page I’d would post IT… I think It’s up there somewhere… If I find IT I’ll post you a link so you’ll be able to see what IT is he’s working on…


=61&type=1]This may be the link to the Plug-in…


Most accurate way is to use a breath-controller. You can get models that will work in conjunction with a keyboard.

While I am a full sax player, I also use a Yamaha WX-5 windsyth with a vl70-m synthbox, which does physical modeling of real horns. It’s the closest to the real thing I’ve heard so far, especially the Turbo-chip version of the vl70-m from www.patchmanmusic.com (still nowhere near a real horn tho!!!)

Thanks for the info, all.

Mark - that Garritan VSTi does seem to give the basic construct probably I am looking for. I liked checking out the different musical genres anyway, so good pick!..

Bill - thanks for the links and I look forward to hearing Dwight’s results when you send it this way. I’ve tried splicing in samples of recordings that match enough like the generic sax sound to give it a realer feel, but I would of course - as you can imagine - love to really tailer it as a whole from start to finish.

Tim - cool idea…that actually for a non-saxaphonist would be really fun in all aspects…because it’s almost where I can say “that’s me playing; my breath…my very heart and soul…bringing the sound to life…” as opposed to, “I programmed that well, eh?..” (can’t blame the wannabe for trying…)