Horrible distortion when un-soloing a track

I’m running the latest build on XP and my soundcard is a audiophile 2496 using the WDM drivers. This is intermittent, or I have not yet found the details to consistently replicate it:

I start playback with one track soloed. While it’s still playing, I click the solo button to hear the entire song and it immediately turns into a screaming distorted mess at extremely high volume. If I stop the track and start it again it plays perfectly. I would say that all of the 6.x builds have had this problem for me. I’ve been trying to train myself not to do it but I accidentally did today and blew the tweeter in one of my studio monitors. Has anyone else had this happen?

never heard of that problem - I’m afraid to try to test and see if starting a project with one track soloed then taking off the solo is a bug or not. Don’t wanna blow any speakers. I’ll try it with the volume down and see. Any more info - plugins etc. on the track that may give the rest a fit?

Edit: I just tried it on two projects - no problem at all.

Yes. The same thing happens to me. I don’t have it too loud so it doesn’t blow my speakers, but I get a big POP! whenever I click that “S”!

I’ve been keeping a close watch for this behavior, and it seems to happen when the soloed track has the directx C1 compressor from the Waves 2003 bundle loaded.

This is a big problem for me in beta build 2411. Not good.

Need a bug opened for it.

Yeah…need a bug opened.

They we can go to K-Mart to buy underwear.

I’m a good driver.

(seriously…this be a bad bug)

Done - Bug 7 just submitted.

I’ve tried to replicate this on 3 dif. systems and can’t seem to get the slightest fart out of any soloing.
I figured my line6 set-up would give me the best chance at it but I got nothing.

It occured to me this morning that I was playing the song back at half speed (intentionally). The tracks were originally incorrectly recorded at 96k samplerate (ID ten T problem), so when playback as-tey are they sould like windup monkies (it just drums). Cut playback speed by .5 get it close to normal playback speed. Anyway, I don’t know if that is related, but it was a very easy repro for me, which is surprising since I’ve had very few problems with this system.

I think this thread may be about two different problems.
The distortion described by the 1st post doesn’t appear to be a click or pop, and may be caused by a bug in the program.
Other posts are about pops, which can occur when (un)soloing or (un)muting tracks because n-Track abruptly cuts or restores the track signal and that may cause a short click or pop, which may be hearable or not depending on the type of the track signal. If a track with a DC offset is muted or unmuted the resulting step in the audio signal is perceived as a pop.

n-Track should probably perform a short fade when soloing/muting a track to avoid the problem. I’ll add this to the list of features for v6.1.
So far I haven’t been able to reproduce the distortion when unsoloing tracks, I’ll keep testing, please let me know if you find a repeatable way to reproduce the problem.


Could be two things. I don’t get a pop at home. I get a nice long loud stream of noise, but it does seem to clear up if I let it continue to play sometimes.

The stream of noise could be typical result if the data stream got messed up, not dropped samples. I’ve made this sound at work by incorrectly converting a 16 bit stream to 32 bits for example, or not doing a ByteSwap (flip to big or little endian) when required.

I usually try to avoid doing that as much as possible, but it depends on how much I want to annoy someone.

(“Hey, could you run this test for me once? I want to see if you get the same result I do.” If I see headphones being yanked off and hear cussing I know they did.)


Quote: (phoo @ Nov. 14 2008, 10:46 AM)

Could be two things. I don't get a pop at home. I get a nice long loud stream of noise, but it does seem to clear up if I let it continue to play sometimes.

The problem I was describing is definitely the loud stream. I can't say for sure that it's related specifically to the Wave plugin, but I can say that I haven't seen it happen in mixes that don't have any plugins. It does sometimes clear up if allowed to continue.