Hot digady dog!

Thanks n-T guys.

I’d just like to thank you guys for helping me ‘in’. Sorry if I’ve been a bit random regarding my explainations of probs:-) I’m loving n now that I’ve got into it. I was one of those guys who said he’d never use a pc for music! (Atari boy, born ‘n’ bred;-)) Sorry I put it off for so long. I’ve had a few years off of music and n-T is a cooooooooool way back :D

Post some tunes for us to listen to as you get them done!

Will do, geezer. I’m in the middle of; ‘Prject 1 Chord’ as we speak!


Will do, geezer. I'm in the middle of; 'Prject 1 Chord' as we speak!

Looks like a song title I would come up with. Then, when I find a more appropriate name for the final result, I forget to re-name the n-Track file, and have to spend a half hour searching if I come back to it at a later date. Well, anyway, welcome aboard. :)