house flydoes anyone have a good recording

does anyone have a good recording of a house fly they might part with.
The ones I have turned out to be way to noisey.


Ummm…April Fools? :D Well, if not, sorry, I don’t have one, but here’s one for just under $2 USD. :D


Found a big juicy fly and recorded it.
Anyone need a god fly i can supply.

Hee hee, that sounds like something I need. :)

Uh Oh.

Do you want a recording of a housefly singing? Tap-dancing? Playing a tuba?

Or what? ???

As is often said on here; please try and be more specific and detailed with your requests. We’re not clairvoyant you know. :blues:




Well, honestly, I was hoping to find the housefly equivalent of Charlotte Church. A really nice, pure tone. Is that what you have, Andy? Or is this more of a rock and roll housefly? ???

Was’nt “rock and roll housefly” a Lou Reed album.


"Deep down inside I’ve got a rock and roll housefly!"

Andy that is hilarious. :)

PMed you, I want a copy of the housefly now. :)

my wifes cookin is so bad the flys at my house chipped in to get the screendoor fix’d!!