How can I move and line up wav tracks?

So I recorded a song, but now I’ve decided to make the intro a little longer. I’m going to redo the rhythm tracks, but I do not want to have to redo the solo tracks. After I lengthen the song, is there any way I can move the solo wav tracks up the timeline to begin at the right part of the song?

I get the feeling it’s right in front of my face, but I been trying to figure out how to do this for about a week with no success. Couldn’t find anything in the help topics either.

Click on the button in the tool bar that has a cross with arrows at each end. Next to the arrow.

Or hold CTRL and the cursor will change to the cross and you cand drag and drop.

You probably want to turn on the grid and make sure “Snap to grid” is on so that you move it exactly a whole number of measures


Yes, the grid is your friend! It is MOST useful if you have been recording with the grid in mind from the start, though (i.e. using a click track or loops with rock-solid timing).

If you have been recording with only real musicians (with all of our faulty human timing) then it becomes a little tricky to apply the grid after the fact but still possible.

First make sure the bpm is set properly then enable snap to grid.

Second, before you start moving any of your wav files around, drag the start and end boxes so they line up with the grid (NOTE: it’s OK if you cut off the beginning or end of the wav. After you move the files around using the grid you can always turn off “snap to grid” and then drag the beginning/end of the wavs back out to maximum.)

Third, you should now be able to drag your wavs along the timeline (I like holding down the ctrl key as RichLum suggests) and the grid allows you to keep things lined up perfectly.


Always best to set up the tempo & grid first, but in this case I believe there’s an easier solution.

Try the “Insert” function (or named something like that). Put the cursor at the very beginning, and use “Edit -> Insert”. A popup asks how much time to insert (measures, IIRC).