How do I combine song files before recording?

Combining song files

I have several n-track song files recorded and I am ready to record to a CD. As a test I have performed and mix-down and record of one file and it worked well. How do I combine all the individual song files before mixdown and record?

Could you be a bit more specific. Would you like to get a cd with several songs you’ve mixed or do you really want to compine songfiles to a one song file?

And what do you mean by “before mixdown and record”?

I have recorded 13 voice files. Each are chapters of a book. Now I want to record all the chapters to a single CD. I can perform File, Mixdown and N-track will make a wav file and record it to the CD. How do I record all 13 files to the CD. Is there a way to combine the 13 files first and then make one burn to the CD?

If what you mean is this, combining al 13 chapters (which are 13 separate wav files) into one big wav file you can do this.

bring up chapter one, then import the next chapter ( you can put it into it’s own track or at the end of chapter one. You can do this to all the chapters until you see them stringing along left to right. Again, either in their own tracks or on one. Then save, mixdown, burn.

If you want each chapter as it’s own “song” on the CD, click on “View”, then click on “CD Burning”, then add each file to the list. Then burn! It’s that easy.

Cheers, Tim