how do i find my serial number after registering?

i registered my copy ages ago, but lost the emails with the serial no./s in. i want to reinstall windows which will mean i will need to reinstall n-track, but i can’t work out where my serial numer is, cos when i go into" register" in the help panel, it doesnt list them! help!?!?!?!
do i need to email for them?

Yes, I would email and just get new ones from flava flav.
One tip,
When you do get the new codes and all, save them directly to a disk along with your current version of Ntrack.
There’s too much that can go wrong with PC’s to leave your only copy on a single hardrive.

Wait 2-3 days for a responce, then panic, and post again!


You can find your codes in the windows registry.

Should be the first entry in the list.