How do I take out the trash?

This is a question for the iOS version, but might apply to others, don’t know:

I know I can swipe a song file and send it to the trash, which is great. But I don’t see a way to “empty trash” when I go into the trash itself. I also don’t know how get rid of excess snapshots that appear to take up too much space in the app when I check my device’s storage in the settings app on iOS.

I’ve learned to “save” a version of a song I’m working on with the original name and location so that I get an “overwrite?” request, that appears to save excess versions from building up. But what is the best way to work within n-Track without lots of versions of a song filling up my song files?

The snapshots are created every time the app performs an automatic save. Since they are sng files, they shouldn’t take too much space. But I understand the need to get rid of them every once in a while.
To remove all the snapshots, you can simply go in Menu → Manage Song → Cleanup song folder. This will also remove all other unnecessary files, like dangling waves.
It should also empty the trash bin, removing all files older than one month.
If you wish to also remove the most recent files, you can do that manually from the iOS Files app by deleting the content of the iPad → n-Track → Trash folder.
Let us know if that’s working for you!

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Great answer as always Piervencio. Thanks for making n-Track so easy to use.

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