How do I use n-track da hornet, and n-track drums?

:) Hello everyone. How do I record with n-track da hornet and the new n-track drums? I can get sounds out of them, but, I can not seem to record and make a wave file. Any suggestions? Good ole Bill Hopkins Chattanooga, TN.

Pretty general response here

They both run on midi data, not audio (wave data). There’s way more to both these instruments than this but here’s a really general idea.

Open a new instrument channel, select your virtual instrument, say you pick DaHornet.

Insert a midi track, select its output source as DaHornet, select the midi channel you are going to record from (that would be the midi output from your soundcard)

Use your midi keyboard.
You can use the piano roll editor for this too.

If you can get sounds out of it than 3/4 of the battle is already won.

Billy, they both operate in slightly different ways, but I’ve no time for long posts at the moment…

There were several detailed posts about n-Track drums a month or two back. Tray a forum search.

For daHornet. In brief. Add it as a Vsti Instrument track, add a MIDI track, point the MIDI track at the Vsti, program your notes into the MIDI track via the pianoroll.

The output from both is included in a mixdown automatically so there’s no need to do anything special to get a wav.