How I can't make metronome work?

I would think all I have to do is select metronome and tell it to use n+track drums or VST, but I am doing some thing wrong. Not sound heard. How do I make n+Track play/produce a click wrack when recording?
Do you know of a click track program that I might want to use when I am recording to n_Track?

First up, did you click the metronome and turn it on? For Playback and record?

Where is it’s output going to?

The problem is that I do not know where the output is going. To me, it should be evident where the output is going - I have selecte the DVI/VST as midi, I have selected N_Track drums as out - no sound.
So, do I have to have multiple tracks open - Midi routed to synth. I tried that. no go.
I would appreciate if you could tell me how you have a system configured that works and I will try that here. The whhole midi thing drives me nuts. I can record an audio file from my keyboard and use that, but I thouhgt Maybe I could use the metronome in n_track.
Thanks for your patients.

When you click on the metronome in the tool bar (metronome settings is the tool tip highlighted) and the pop up box opens, it should say where the output is going there. e.g. Microsoft midi, nTrack Drums, Vsti, so on and so on. Are you seeing the pop up box? Is it turned on there? I mean the “On” button has to be clicked (when “on” it turns blue). Then hit test to see what you got.

Now I can’t get it to record, not sure how to do that Bax. I have to drag a send in Patchmix to record what I hear for that one.

I tried it on this computer and it worked - a couple of things. It could be that the studio computer is currupted. Secondly, the ON button color change is very subtle, hard to tell if it is on or off. I may not have had it on.
When I used the n_Track drum I got a screen full of tracks (5 synths, but I noticed that only the one track is playing. Do I need all 5? How do I kill off the extra tracks/sysnths? (When I used the DXI/VST I only had the one synth track.)
I really appreciate the help.

Yep bax, the color is a pale blue, hard to tell if it is on.

Wow, 5 midi tracks? If the click plays ok with the first I would just delete the others. Not sure on that one.

I can’t find the way to remove the extra n-track drum tracks. The DXI/VST works with only the one channel. Is there a setting in the N_Track drummer for the number of instruments/channels that are started?

Hmm, that I don’t know Bax, maybe Poppa or Levi or Craig could shed some light on that.

I no know n drums. solly.

I have discovered an additional problem on my studio computer. Windows XP control panel does not list any of the midi drivers in the Midi Out box. The drivers are listed in the Hardware or “Sound and Audio Divice drievers” but nothing in the selection box. So, n_Track will not play midi on that computer. Anyone got an idea on how to fix that????

There should be a microsoft midi mapper at minimum in your output window when you click on it.
Is there not? - If not I don’t know how to add it to XP opsys… maybe a download?


When I used the n_Track drum I got a screen full of tracks (5 synths, but I noticed that only the one track is playing.

Turn on the mentromome.
If you open the track mixer and bring up the NTDrum GUI, (by single clicking on synth 1's ntrack drums by the green box) you will see the drum pads. Since the metronome uses the snare (pad 2) and the closed HH (pad 3) you can for instance hit the edit 'e' button on pad 2. This will show you the outputs. 1+2 3+4 5+6 and 3 aux channels. Now for the fun of it change the output of the snare to 3+4 and when you hit 'test' on the metronome you will see the snare's output on synth 2. Change it to 5+6 and you will see it on synth 3's output. Theoretically, you could put a different compressor setting on each of the outputs. If you select aux1, 2 or 3 you will get a mono output on synths 4 and 5. Try sending the output of the closed HH to one of the aux channels and use it's pan, and you will get some interesting effects.

Good info on the editing for the output of the NTDrum. However, I’d like to get fewer tracks on my mixing screen, not add a group. I’ll play around with the setting ans see what I can come up with, agin thanks.
As far as the Midi Mapper is concerned - that is there in N_Track, but because Windows does not have anything assigned to the Midi Mapper, there is not sound. I guess the good news is now I know one reason I could never get midi to work in N-Track - I guess . . .

Try the settings in nTrack - preferences - midi devices - GS wavetable synth instead of midi mapper. see if you get anything in the sound of the metronome.

I checked a few forums this morning and am finding that using WDM drivers may be your problem Bax. Try switching to asio or mme drivers and see if you get any sounds from the midi mapper.
But I think also the GS wavetable synth may work with WDM, not sure but you can try all drivers and see.


However, I'd like to get fewer tracks on my mixing screen,

Right click on the mixer screen - you'll get a menu - uncheck show instruments. This will get rid of the synth outputs. You can toggle them back on if needed.

Bax -

Getting back to the original topic-

Did you try clicking on “show ball” and see if the ball was bouncing? I’m also having a problem with the metronome not working.
In my case, the ball doesn’t bounce.
Before the current build, if I didn’t have a source for the sounds, the ball would bounce in time anyway.

I re-downloaded and reinstalled build 2475, and still no bouncing ball, let alone any sounds. Is anyone else having a problem like this?


Don’t know that this will help. Going “by the book” ? ?
You can open the metronome settings window by clicking on the metronome icon on the toolbar.
Set the tempo, choose MIDI or PC speaker output and if the metronome should be hearable during recording and/or during playback. Click on the test button to hear if the tempo is right.
Output to:
- PC speaker: check this option if you want hear the metronome clicks through the standard PC speaker
- MIDI note: check this option if you want hear the metronome clicks through a MIDI synth. You can select which MIDI device to use: usually you will set the metronome device as the same device used for normal MIDI output (as set thorough the Preferences/MIDI/MIDI devices dialog box). If the program reports an error when starting playback, make sure that you've not selected MIDI MAPPER in the metronome settings and the actual MIDI device the MIDI MAPPER points to (as set through Control Panel/Multimedia/) in the Preferences MIDI devices, or vice-versa. If you want to use the same device, select in both settings the same entry (i.e. both MIDI MAPPER or both “Xyz Inc.MIDI synth”).
When to use:
- Recording: activates the metronome during recording
- Playback: activates the metronome during playback
- Accent first beat: Makes the first beat of a measure sound differently than the other beats
- Velocity: sets the velocity of the MIDI note (that ideally corresponds to the velocity of the keyboard key as pressed by a finger): influences the volume of the note
- Duration: duration of the MIDI note corresponding to a beat. Too high values make the metronome loose timing, due to the fact that it can't play two notes at the same time, so to play the next beat the preceding beat note has to be ended
- Note: sets which note to play for the beat. If you select a drum channel, the note selects the drum sample (snare, kick, hat…)
- Channel: sets the channel to use for the MIDI output. Channel 10 is usually used by MIDI synth for drum instruments, so this is the default setting
- Tempo: Sets the time base (3/4, 4/4 etc.)
- At … bpm: sets the number of Beats Per Minute
- TEST: test the selected metronome configuration.

Mine is working but slooow responding to commands. Test took like 5 clicks.

Thanks, but I read the instructions. I got it to work on my “intenet” computer, but the “studio” does not work because there is not driver ( nothing listed in Windows XP for the Synth to use. Oh, well . . .
Thanks for the responses,