How to 'Repeat a Wave file'?

I’ve recorded an instrumental song, the verse and chorus, and it took a ton of work. Is there a way to play the same recording through a second time without any glitch or space in between? I know you can move a track up vertically, but I can’t get it to match the timing to start over again. Any help would be appreciated.

I usually just clone the track and move it up to the end of the original and move them together until the timing is just right. You do know that you can move the start or end of a track in by using the “arrow” tool right. There may be an easier way but I’ve done this many times and it has worked out.
I haven’t tried it yet but with my Delta sound card I believe I could loop the play back on the original track and record that playback simultaneously through the monitor mixer inputs.

Right click your track, click clone, click ok…click the 4 arrow icon in the menu bar, which will allow you to move your new track vertically and horizontally. The more you zoom in the Ntrack window, the better the ability to accurately place the track in it’s proper time place. Once you get used to doing this it is a piece of cake.

There are other methods I have seen here but I can’t remember what they are.

You can drag to select the portion you want repeated and Copy, then select the destination and Paste. I believe if you shift-paste, you get the option to paste multiple times. Cut, copy, and paste (in the default “non-destructive” mode) are extremely effective tools in n-Track! They’re also great when you have multiple takes of the same part, to pick the best phrases from each track.

It’s easiest if you take the time to set up the grid with the proper tempo and record to a click track in the first place; then you can easily select by even measures, so pasting will line it up perfectly, timewise.

N gives you a lot of ways to do what you want to do. I tend to Clone the track (explained above) and slide the clone over to the right so N plays one instance of the Verse/Chorus (Track 1) and then jumps down and plays the same Verse/Chorus again (Track 2).

As explained above, zoom WAY in to find just the right spot to cut from Track 1 to Track 2. Holding down Ctrl while you click and drag a part horizontally is handy (versus clicking the 4-sided arrow button as suggested by Syn). Hold Shift-Ctrl to drag a part vertically without changing it’s horizontal position.

So yes, N will do what you want it to do. Once you’ve done this a few times, it’s really easy. You may find This Site helpful to get you started.


without any glitch or space in between
That rules out looping.

I suggest doing a mixdown, import that mix into a new song and spindle and mutilate it there.

Nergle, do you have your buffering set to “very low” or something like that?

When n-Track loops, it rounds to even buffer increments, so you almost always get a glitch at the loop point. The size of the glitch depends on certain buffering settings (and maybe other things).

You may not hear a glitch, but I bet you’re getting one! Unless this feature has been dramatically improved between V3 and V4, but if so it wasn’t listed in the changes.

In any case, I bet DC is trying to build a song using cut-paste/drag-drop, rather than looping to practice a part or something like that.

Phoo has a good point, too. If you have multiple tracks comprising your verse/chorus, it’s a lot easier to mix it down, import the mix, mute the original tracks, and play cut/paste/drag/drop with the mix track. However, you lose the flexibility to do something like replace the guitar part in one measure for variety.

Sometimes I’ll do a mix and play cut-paste to build a blueprint for the tune, and then record other tracks or rearrange the original tracks to line up with the blueprint track – just using it as a guide.

All this is MUCH easier if you set up the grid to begin with and record to a click track. Then you can select whole measures, copy/paste and drag parts around, and later zoom in and adjust the splice points to avoid clicks and pops. This keeps everything in perfect timing, and also lets you pick the best splice point for every track and every splice.

(You adjust the splice points by dragging the “end handles” with the grid off, so that the end of the previous and start of the next part end at the same level with roughly the same slope.)

Correct, but this doesn’t show whether the loop points are precisely where you put the cursor. That’s the glitch I was talking about. We also often get a pause glitch too, but that can be due to any number of things.

Glad to hear it loops well for you. Perhaps there has been some improvement in V4. Also, I haven’t tried it much with low latency settings, at least not lately. Maybe that feature works better than it did before. I’ve used it lots for a purpose similar to what you mentioned, and I always had to just deal with the glitch. For longer passages it was fine, but for 1- or 2-measure loops it was distracting.