How To Apply Different Sonics To A Drum Pattern

I love the new new midi loops - thanks! I must be missing something very basic though. Is there a difference in changing the drum pattern and changing the sound of it. Following the new tutorial I select the Drum Pattern but when I try to change the sound of the pattern, most of the time the pattern also changes. Once I find the correct pattern for a song is there a way to change the sonics without changing the pattern or is it hit and miss (as it appears to be now)? Thank you!

Hi, just to check - you’re dragging a drum pattern midi loop from the loop browser, then selecting & using the n-Track step sequencer to edit the drum pattern?

Changing a sound in the step sequencer was a known issue & we’ve added updates to drum packs to resolve. Previously certain drum presets were assigned default patterns that would play automatically in the step sequencer. Would be great to know what loop and drum sound is causing this specifically and I can double check for you. That said, if you update the soundbank in question to the latest version (sure you already know but you can do this in the add-on manager provided you’re connected to internet) then this should function as required. Let me know if not!

Hello Matt, yes, I think were pretty much on the same page. Specifically, my question came about when I was following along with Thomas on the YouTube tutorial “In Depth: MIDI Loops | n-Track Studio” ( ). My comment is still there at the top. Basically, when I switch to the TR808 as he does in the video the pattern changes - in the tutorial it stays the same. Known issue or not (I can always work around) is there a proper way to select a midi loop pattern and then change the sonics of it by making a standard selection somewhere (like Thomas seems to indicate that he’s doing) or would I have to manually edit it? Thank you so much.

Yes, at 10:40 Thomas clicks the instrument name on the track to change the drum instrument sound. Once a drum midi pattern has been dragged into n-Track the instrument can be changed from the ‘instrument’ column inside the step sequencer too. Have you tried both these approaches?

Another point worth considering: the tempo that the loop is auditioned at in the loop browser is often not the same as the project tempo. If the groove sounds different that could be another factor, but, to return to your question, if you make sure that the soundbank you’re using for the drumkit is updated and change the instrument in one of the ways listen above, this should function. Cheers.

Thank you so much for clarifying. / Cheers.