How to automate groups?


I’ve only recently learned of the benefits of using groups while mixing, but I’ve never before tried using groups with NTrack.

It’s easy enough to send the output of a channel to a group, but how do I display that group-channel in the timeline so I can draw-in volume fader levels and whatnot?

I’m using v6.

I did a search but didn’t find what I was seeking answers to.


Click on arrow beside the “Draw volume envelope” icon - it looks like a wedge. That opens a pull down menu where you can select the group envelope line. Each group is presented in order - group 1 will be overlayed on track 1, 2 on 2 ect.

Oh, thanks!

Isn’t that an interesting way of doing it!

Hi Fuggle_Hop:

I’ve been commenting on this approach to Group Implementation sense the Group feature came into being…
However, the users seem quite satisfied with the status quo and don’t seem to be very interested in experimenting with any new approaches to using Groups with n-Track…

I sit in the corner a pout with the workarounds I have developed when I use n-Track in the Editing Mode…
For the way I use the Groups…


Ok Biil, you’ve got my attention. How do you do it?