How to cut one file at 1:12 into 2 CD tracks?

and not get 2-second silence between?

My other thread had to do with “how to insert a 1:12 intro into an existing song.” Got that figured out.

The intro is called “Fire Of God (Rev. Dan Gregg, October 18 1978).” It’s a recording of my father giving a sermon when he was pastor of an Assemblies of God Church in Missouri when I was a kid. I added cheesy church organ and some random sound effects and ambient noise :)

The song itself is a straight indie-rock tune called "Graduation Day."

So - since the intro is kinda quirky, and is fairly long at 1:12, and may be something a listener might either want to hear alone or skip entirely…

I want the intro to be a separate track from the song on a CD - but I want no silence in between, none of the standard 2-second gap between CD tracks. The fact that the tracks overlap, and the tail-end of the last note of the intro bleeds into the first note of the song, is of no concern.

But I DO want the 2-second gap between all the other tracks on the CD.

I know this has something to do with the “track at once” feature of CD burning, but I’m not sure how to best go about it.

Doves did this on their “Some Cities” album, with no break between the 1st and 2nd tracks and one leading into the other.

Any suggestions?

You would probably have to burn the first two tracks as one track. If you elect to have no gap between tracks in most cd burning progs, then that applies to all of them. It may be possible with a professional system though, that’s something you would have to specify with the maufacturer.

Nero will split a single wav file into as many tracks as you want without gaps. There’s a tutorial on that I did ages ago, go see if you can’t find it.

Found it:

Roxio will do this too. You can set the space between tracks individually before you burn the CD.