How to download & add plug-ins to N-Track

Okay, I’m no computer idiot by any means, but I don’t know how to add new plug-ins to N-Track. I downloaded the demo of drumagog and by installing it, it added itself to my effects in N-Track automatically. However, every other plug-in I’ve found an downloaded has come in a zip file that I must extract. From there, how do I get the plug-in over to N-track? N-Track doesn’t recognize these files as they obviously are not audio. What am I doing wrong? thanks

Hey bones
If not already created, create a folder in (C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4) Call the folder whatever you would like. I called mine (vstplugs) Drop the dll’s in that folder or if they have a installer, point them to that directory. Hopefully this helps.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try jeromee.

Unzip the zipped files and look for the .dll file within. Then drag the .dll to the n-Track folder and n-Track will find it automatically.