How to download Version 3.3

Can someone tell me how I can download N-Track version 3.3 to my new computer please?
Thank you!

Go to the homepage, then ‘Download’, then tap on the “Download older versions” link.
Note that version 3.3 is almost 20 years old and won’t probably work correctly with a recent version of Windows.


I have been using Version 3.3 on Windows Vista since it was realeased and I love 3.3. I just got a new PC with Windows 10 and dowloaded NTrack Version 9. I hate it. It is nearly unusable, I’m sorry to say. I’ve used N Track for so long, I would be happy to pay or the new version if it was good. I am working on getting 3.3 working on Windows 10. It mostly works. I am having problems with Direct X plugins and drag and drop files into the timeline. The drag and drop issue is by NOT running as an administrator. Anyone have any idea how to resolve the Direct X plugins issue? thanks. The other issue is Win10 itself, with MS orcing updates that break things. But that is another issue.

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