How to edit 8 tracks at once?

editing question


i have a song with 12 tracks – all audio and no midi.

i want to insert a bar of rest right in the middle, splitting all 12 tracks in the same place and moving the right side out by 4 beats.

anybody know how to do this easily?

thanks in advance,

If I understand your question correctly you can acheive this using Edit–>Insert.

There’s a whole load of options which are pretty self explanatory. I think the “from” point defaults to the current cursor position.


place cursor at desired seperation point - left click mouse, hold and drag to right and downwards till all tracks have a highlight bar in them -

EDIT/non-destructive/splice at start of highlight - all highlighted tracks will be cut - use UNDO if not right and try again -

click in the top track after the cut point (i.e the right hand part) of the waveform - hold down the SHIFT key and click on each track below in turn (this will highlight the cut part of eack track)

when all track parts to the right of the cut line have been selected they will all move together, keeping everything in the correct order -

Dr J