How to get this Andy Wallace vocal mixing trick using n- track?


Could someone more experienced give a walkthrough how to achieve this simple Andy wallace vocal effect trick using n- track and its effects?:

Thank you.

You can use the track send section at the bottom of a track’s mixer strip to add a send on the vocal track to say a group channel. The default when you add a send is to create and set the send to an aux channel, so after adding the send, click on the channel name above the send section on the mixer and set the send output to a (existing or new) group channel. On the group channel you can place the n-Track Echo for the delay effect, and add another send on the group to another group channel, on which you can place the n-Track Reverb (or Convolverb) effects on. You can then play with the group volume faders to change the amount of delay and reverb, as shown in the video.