How to group mixerstrips or faders

I really would like to be able to link faders in the mixer view, but I can’t seem to find this option anywhere. This would be super useful I.e when trying to set internal balance of doubled harmonizing backing vocals or doubled…well, anything.
Is this feature already on here and if so; where?
I’m using nTrack studio 9.1.3 build 3742


you cannot currently link faders. However you can use group channels to accomplish the same thing in an arguably better way. For example if you have two harmony vocal tracks, send them both to a new group channel (click on the track output button of the 1st track, then select ‘New group’, then click on the track output button for the 2nd track and select the group you just created). You can then control the volume of the two tracks by adjusting the group channel’s volume fader. Plus you can add effects, sends etc. to the group channel which contains the sum of the harmony tracks.


Thank you for the swift answer.
The reason for me wanting a link-feature is that it would streamline the work flow in a much better way than having to create and send to groups. It would be much appreciated if this feature was added.