How to identify new features

I’ve been (happily) using N-track since version 3 or 4.something, and upgraded to 6.whatever in early September.
It’s been working fine for me, but I’m having trouble identifying what some of the new features are.
For example:
1. why are there now four (instead of two) output VU-meters?
2. what is the compressor box in the lower right corner of the screen (i.e., where does it go in the signal chain)?

I’ve downloaded and studied the latest version of the manual, but it doesn’t seem to reflect what is happening in the latest version.

Thanks in advance for your kind responses!


Hi DA,
What’s New

right click on the VU meters - METER MODE - PEAK - two meters now instead of four - with 4 meters showing the outer two are RMS and the inner two are PEAK values -

compressor opens on first opening - exit it and it wont show again untill you open it manualy - compressor sits at the end of the audiochain BUT before SOFT CLIPPING which is either on or off - you have one compressor per track automatically, but the compressor is invivisable to audio unless you alter its settings - there is bypass on each compressor to take it completely out of service - running N with the copmpressor window open will use a lot more CPU use and can limit track count -


Thanks, Rabbit.
I’m a Mac/Linux type who uses Windows only for my music projects, so I can’t get used to the fact that whenever I can’t figure out how to do something, I should RIGHT-CLICK!

And CPU usage hasn’t been an issue yet (wrt the compressor) – I’ve found version 6 much more efficient (in terms of CPU usage and latency issues) than 5.

Thanks again.