How to insert a whole mix right before another?

I wrote a new song which in my recording and tracking starts immediately at 00:00 in the .SNG file.

I tracked and composed a 1:10 introduction which I’d like to not only place BEFORE the first note of the song, I also want the first note of the song to start DURING the fade-out of the intro.

How do I do this in nTrack?

For my song “Save Me” I inserted 5 seconds of silence at the start of the mix, then imported a new .WAV that started at 00:00 (a spoken clip from “Citizen Kane”). The first note of the actual song starts at 00:04 or so.

But that was just one track - my intro has 7 tracks.

Should I mixdown the intro to a stereo .WAV and import that into 1:10 worth of silence at the beginning of the song, so they overlap?

Or does someone have a better suggestion?

thanks! :D

Import your intro into new tracks (either as a mixdown or individually) and then just move your main track forward along the time line until you like it. Easy.

You can do the mixdown method as you’ve already suggested. Or, you can just open your new 7 files (from the intro), then multi-select the other tracks (Shift-Left click me thinks), then holding the Ctrl key, drag the tracks to the right to give you some space at the beginning for your 7 newly added tracks.

Cool! Thanks for your input!!

I actually went ahead and tried to answer my own question and did a slightly different method than you described above, but I appreciate that input because I might use that later on.
I like the flexibility of still being able to edit individual tracks in the intro later on.

What I did:

Since I knew my intro was exactly 1:13, and I only wanted the full song to come in on the last second of the intro, and I was happy enough with the mix, I:

* Mixed-down the intro to a stereo .WAV
* Went to “Edit” and selected “Insert” of the full song’s .SNG file
* Inserted silence from 0:00.0 to 1:12.0 - on “All Tracks” - Non-Destructive
* All 13 or so tracks moved to the right to start at 1:12
* Imported the stereo .WAV of the intro

That’s it!
I do have a related question that I put on another thread. Thanks again!