How to make Templates

I like to record with little established templates so that I don’t have to set up EQ compression etc. for Guitar is vocals etc. So what I’ve come up with is:

create a New Song, layout all the specific tracks with their own Eq and effects, Audio & MIDI, Drum Sequencer, or whatever, and name each track (guitar, bass, vocals, piano…) Then I name it “Template 1” and save the song with no actual recordings in there.
So then every time I want to create a new song using that format I just open template 1, start recording whatever I want into each track and then save it under a new song name. that way template 1 stays in its original state ready for next time.
N-Track’s new song saving structure makes this super easy and quick to do!

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I do the same… curious if some folks want to share what specific settings they use for this ; like in rock music setup especially (guitar, bass, vocal , midi drums). What plug ins you use every time? I am pretty big on AmpliTube for guitar and bass, and EZ Drummer for percussion. Anything else folks throw on master track every time? EQ /Compression settings ?

On my Template #1 I’m using Toneboosters apps for the final mastering of the track. First Eq(master bus template), Compressor (2:1 master bus), Enhancer(mix maximized), and Barricade(subtle glue). This gives me a nice clean smooth but loud sound on my stuff, which is mainly Acoustic Guitar, MIDI Piano, Vocals, Bass Guitar, n-Track Drums or Drum Loops, various MIDI Synths as needed. I’m also using Toneboosters Eq, Compressor, Reverb on most of those audio tracks before the Mastering.

I plan on setting up similar for Fabfilter and others, maybe including n-Track’s own effects(if I can get things all tweaked to create a similar finished sound).
I like using effects made by one creator instead of mixing them because I suspect they are designed to compliment each other.

Hmm I wonder if the Enhancer is free from toneboosters; to any guitar players I’d recommend Amplitube they have a promotion now where you get to add on like 12 applications to it if it is same or less price. So I added most of the collections (Slash, Orange, Jimi Hendrix etc) and the Lurssen Mastering Console (seems to do a good job with a mixdown WAV file with presets). I swear i don’t work for IK Multimedia or Sweetwater, but if you buy from Sweetwater they give you a $50 credit ( i picked up 3 packs of nice acoustic strings!), no interest financing for 36 months (get yourself a Les Paul while you’re at it!)… Then the IK promotion its a good deal.