How to save your work?

WAV and other file extensions

Again, I’m pretty new to using N-Track and recording in general.
I’m sure what I’m looking to do is very simple and straight forward but I’m just having a problem trying to acomplish it.

I would like to know how to save a track I just recorded so that I can come back either later that day or days later, open up the track and continue working on it.
I’m pretty much only able to save (or know how to save) as a WAV file which seems to automatically mixes it down.
I believe you can save your unfinished work as an SNG file (?).
I want to to be able to save that file and then open it up down the road again so I can continue working.
I must be doing something wrong because I have followed how to do so from the N-Track manual but Im missing the mark somewhere.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


Create a folder called my n-Track recordings then create a sub folder within it and give it the title of your song. Open n-Track and even before recording anything perform a “save as” “.sng” with the title in this sub folder. This way all wav and supporting files will be saved there with the corresponding title. You can then launch the project from within the sub folder with the .sng icon.

Thank you. I think I was able to figure it out with your advice. Will keep you posted. Rich